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A World for Me and You

In this uplifting picture book, you imagine a world where everyone looks identical, where all food tastes the same, where we all speak the same language. A world that is…well, pretty boring. But with an explosion of colour, the pages soon come to life. This joyful picture book is a celebration of our incredibly diverse world as it really is: home to 195 countries with thousands of different cultures, 10 million colours and 4,300 religions. Written by Uju Asika, author of Bringing up Race, this beautiful picture book celebrates the beauty and joy of living in a wonderfully diverse world.

“This book reminds all of us that the world is full of difference and diversity. I love how at the end, the reader is given tips about how to make the world a kinder place and what to do to be more inclusive.
Oh Joy

Poh’s lovely light-hearted humorous illustrations and Asika’s inventive lyrical descriptions celebrate inclusivity and diversity alongside kindness and imagination. Encouragement of looking at the world differently, whilst also celebrating it as it is, make this a powerful optimistic read, one definitely to enjoy at times such as Earth Day or World Kindness Day, but also at any time at all.”
Armadillo Magazine

“This book has blown me away and is a book that all children should get to read.”
– Georgina M.