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Bringing Up Race (US)

“Asika debuts with a powerful take on an attentive, thoughtful, and anti-racist parenting philosophy that supports children’s empathy and addresses painful realities head-on. She offers advice for facilitating multicultural appreciation from an early age (be intentional about who kids play with), talking about microaggressions, openly discussing incidents of intolerance that appear in the media, and empowering kids to call out injustice, even from adults. This is a must-read for parents, educators, and anyone looking to raise kinder children.” – Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review

“From the moment I picked up Bringing Up Race, I couldn’t put it down. Honest, funny, practical, and thought-provoking, and packed with real-life examples, Uju Asika’s work points the way to creating a more just and more kind world.”
Gretchen Rubin, international bestselling author

“Bringing up Race by Uju Asika will be in South Main Book Juggler as long as it’s in print! For the last seven years my partner and I have read many books on the history of racism and talking about racism, this is one of the best. Our little independent book store is only blocks from the National Civil Rights Museum in a majority minority populated city. We believe it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and our customers. This book serves as a wonderful tool for educating us all. Thank you Uju Asika and Sourcebooks.”
– Jean W. Andrus, South Main Book Juggler™, 458 S. Main, Memphis, TN 38103

“Conversations about race with our kids start with our own comfort level in having these conversations, and Uju’s book has been a game changer in navigating the dialogue and questions that occur. I’ve recommended her book to lots of friends and fellow parents who continue to extend this important dialogue within their own communities.”
– Joy Cho, founder of Oh Joy!

“I have a great appreciation for a work that owns up to the ways that families contribute to the broader culture of injustice. I am reminded of Mona Eltahawy’s Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls and Chimamanda Adichie’s Dear Ijeawele. Asika does for anti-racism what these other writers did for feminism.”
– Brittle Paper

Bringing Up Race is balm and soothing water for an inflamed world. It explores the new growth cycle of parenting Black children in a world that makes it increasingly difficult to be both: Black and child in the world. As a parent, it affirms the way I’ve chosen to raise my child. I hope it does the same for others. Bringing Up Race tackles the difficult conversations head-­on. It is as loud and defiant as it is precious and hopeful. Uju Asika is a special kind of writer, and this is a very, very special book.”
– Bassey Ikpi, New York Times bestselling author

“Reading this book feels like having a stirring, in-depth conversation with an affable expert on this vital topic. As Asika concludes, “There’s nothing more urgent than bringing up our kids to think globally, fairly, and with empathy for their fellow humans. We need to be responsible for raising a generation of people who are more open, more tolerant, less afraid.”
– BookPage, Starred Review