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Pub Day!

On becoming a published author.

Bringing Up Race hits Bookshops!

The night before publication day, I was a whirlwind of butterflies. I can’t explain why I was so nervous apart from maybe the million and one thoughts flying around my head. Like: ‘Oh my God, this book is actually coming out. Now people are going to read it! What if they hate it? What if they hate me? What if nobody buys it? What if, what if, what if?’

The trick is to remember the flip side of anxiety is possibility. The engine that drives all creativity, those two words ‘What if?’ opening up the doors to your imagination and so much more. You have to turn it around from ‘What if the worst happens?’ to ‘What if your wildest dreams come true?’

Uju Asika

Two days before publication, some people were getting the book early and then a lady I follow on Facebook came across the book in Waterstones. Woah mama. This. Is. Happening.

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