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Raising Boys Book Launch

A celebration to remember.

Earlier this month, I had my first official book launch for the book Raising Boys Who Do Better and it was one of the BEST days of my life. No understatement. Obviously, this wasn’t my first book but as an author who made her debut in the pandemic, I missed out on meeting and greeting readers and signing books in person. The book launch for Bringing Up Race turned into a 1 hour event held over Zoom, which was absolutely joyous and I remain grateful for the nearly 100 attendees. But there’s nothing like real life connections and reading to a live audience and being able to clink glasses with people toasting to your success.

The launch took place at Ink@84 Bookshop in Highbury, a popular bookshop for events and so I was thrilled to get a booking just one day after publication. The store owner Betsey and her team made it a seamless occasion where all I had to do was turn up, smile my face off, sign books until my thumb went numb and soak in the love from everyone present. There was so much love in the room. My guests were a mix of friends and family, fellow writers and bloggers, a couple of contributors (shout outs to Chine McDonald and Abi Wright), and my village of mamas who’ve helped me raise my boys better over the years. Hashtag boy mom (this will make more sense if you’ve read the book)!

Also present were my lovely DK publicist Hayley, my badass agent Rachel Mills and my original editor, Marleigh Price. Marleigh has moved on to Harper Collins now but we got to work together closely and she had some wonderful and very moving things to say about the book and my writing. I wish my final editor Becky Alexander was able to make it too, still I’m grateful to her, my copy editor Sarah and to DK for the support and the free-flowing bubbly!

Most of all I’m grateful to each and every person who made the trek to Highbury to celebrate this moment. I will never forget their shiny beautiful faces and how happy everyone looked. Thanks to all those who captured me on pictures and videos and also got images of the fond looks from my husband and boys while I read an extract.

Raising Boys Who Do Better is officially launched and I’m tingly with joy from the early feedback from readers. This book means a lot to me and I hope it makes a big impact especially for the parents, educators, coaches, leaders and the BOYS who need it most.

Visit my Instagram to see more pictures and clips from the launch and to follow this book’s journey!